PCGamesN’s Chris McMullen prepares for the chaos of Kill it with Fire 2, the highly anticipated sequel to the cult-favorite first-person spider-slaying sensation developed by Casey Donnellan and published by tinyBuild. With new settings, weapons, a multiplayer mode where players can become jittery arachnids to scare their friends, Kill it With Fire 2 ups the ante! The game’s first demo on PC via Steam is available now.

A common phrase when dealing with anything that scuttles about is “Kill it with fire!” and a missed swing often results with “guess I’ll burn the whole place to the ground!” Those exasperations eventually resulted in the creation of the hit spider-chaser Kill it With Fire, which will soon be getting an expanded sequel that’s available to try now through a free Steam demo. Donnellan and team are taking things up a notch with new ways to play such as the multiplayer that puts players into the eight shoes of the nope-critters and a ton more ways to deal with the little jumpscare factories.

McMullen also shared praise for the first game’s simple, yet endlessly compelling gameplay, saying, “Kill It With Fire is a surprise indie game hit, built around the simple premise of dispatching hidden spiders. Yes, you could peek behind that couch, but why risk a spider jumping out at you? It’s so much simpler to set the whole thing on fire.” Going on to write, “The first Kill It With Fire was and still is a joy to play, especially when there’s only one spider left in the room and it could be anywhere.”

Now imagine this scenario in a far flung future or a sand-blasted western saloon, chasing around the ankle nibblers with a vacuum, cast-iron pan, laser gun, or a make-shift flame thrower. McMullen wrote, “…you’re positively encouraged to blow things up rather than get an eight-legged beastie in the face.”

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Eager to chase down sneaky spiders? Add the game to your wishlist or try out the demo for Kill it With Fire 2, available now on Steam! The full release is slated for later this year. The original Kill it With Fire is available on Steam, Epic Games Store, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and Apple. Kill it with Fire VR is out now on Steam, Meta, and PlayStation. Details are available on the official website!