Slay the Princess, the fully-voiced surreal horror visual novel developed by Black Tabby Games (Scarlet Hollow), creeped its way onto Twinfinite‘s top 10 list of the scariest horror games of 2023. Slay the Princess is available now on PC via Steam!

Do (or don’t) follow the voice of a mysterious narrator to save the world from an untimely demise. Resist the narrator’s pleas to let the princess live another day in a branching narrative to unravel new secrets and see how the story unfolds.

Rather than rely on petty jumpscares to terrify its audience, Slay the Princess instead employs a building sense of existential dread that holds your fight-or-flight response hostage for the entire game.

If you want a horror game that’ll wedge itself into your subconscious and haunt you for the rest of your life, then you need to play Slay the Princess!

Check out Twinifite’s full list of 2023’s scariest horror games here. Slay the Princess is available now on PC via Steam. For more information on Slay the Princess, follow Black Tabby Games on X and visit their official website for updates.