GameRant’s Joshua Duckworth is ready to leverage higher-caliber options to survive the challenges in Dying Light 2, the bold sequel to the best-selling open-world survival action game by Techland Games. The February 22nd release of Dying Light 2 Stay Human – Reloaded Edition brings an arsenal of new weapons to the survivalist’s toolset, most notably in the form of the much-anticipated Firearms Update.

As many fans know,Dying Light 2was designed as a game with only melee weapons in mind. It didn’t take long for the community to voice its desire for firearms, however, and Techland would confirm that it was working on this addition thereafter. As described by franchise director Tymon Smektala, it was quite a challenge in terms of worldbuilding because firearms were effectively removed from the game world, and it meant this update needed a narrative direction, not just a gameplay one. The wait seems like it’ll be worth it, however.

From the developer’s website, community members logging into the game before March 7 will automatically receive a free Harran Pistol to celebrate the major new content overhaul, but it will be far from the only new weapon added to the game — or the only new resource survivors will need to loot and stockpile.

We have prepared four types of these weapons for you (each with its own unique type of ammo):

  • Pistols — when things go wrong, a reliable sidearm can save the day. It’s your basic firearm;
  • SMGs — high firepower and capacity, harness its recoil to seize the edge in close quarters combat;
  • Rifles — the perfect package of precision and power;
  • Shotguns — deadly in point-blank range, your go-to crowd control tool.

Raise your reputation rank with the newest Agent and get access to the other firearms (learn more in the Survivor missions paragraph)! Keep in mind that as powerful as they are, they are still rare in Villedor — ammo doesn’t grow on trees (though you can find some bullets stashed around the world, look carefully in the convoys), so you’ll have to be smart about when to go in with guns blazing. If you want to try this out right away, we have special Firearms Challenges and community maps dedicated to firearms.

Along with the new firearms, the update includes new survivor and elite missions, environmental updates, new enemy and melee weapon variants, and much more.

Dying Light 2 is available on PS4|5, Xbox One Xbox X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Visit the website to learn more about the game, or follow Techland on Twitter/X.