You can’t get nothin’ by Rock Paper Shotgun’s Matt Jarvis as they highlight Sleight of Hand, the third-person card-slinging occult noir stealth sim developed by RiffRaff Games, revealed in the recent Xbox Partner Preview to come out in 2025.

It seems that Kojima’s influence has rubbed off on Boggs’ latest game in several ways. Sleight of Hand looks to be a noir adventure following occultist gumshoe Lady Luck as she tracks down her former coven employers-turned-betrayers in the smoky streets of Steeple City.

Like sorely missed MGS spin-off Metal Gear Acid (which never made it off the PSP onto PC, an injustice that Master Collection Vol. 2 might hopefully correct), the game’s third-person stealth gameplay is driven by the use of cards, as Lady Luck builds a deck of cursed cards allowing her to vanish into a cloud of smoke, entangle enemies or petrify them to halt their attacks, among other powers.

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