Rock Paper Shotgun’s Nic Reuben heartily recommends anyone yet to play Slay the Princess to remedy that as a new, free update just dropped with more than 3,000 words of additional and restructured dialogue choices and conversations.

Here’s one for all you connoisseurs of the horrific consequences of your own actions. Regicide-em-up visual novel Slay the Princess’ new update brings with it new dialogue and music, fleshing out the game with additional choices, expanded scenes, and orchestral renditions of some choice tracks. The new content takes the form of new animations and “more than 3,000 words of additional and restructured dialogue choices and conversations.” That is easily enough words to tell the Stanley Parable-esque narrator that you’re on to him and whatever mind games he’s playing, with enough left over for the other voices in your head to make you doubt your own morality with alarming frequency.

If you’re yet to try Slay the Princess, I’d heartily recommend it. I don’t usually seek out visual novels, but this one is not only a great horror game, but is stuffed with the sort of complex choice and consequence you’d usually find in a massive CRPG the likes of Disco Elysium.

To read the full article, go to the Rock Paper Shotgun website. Slay the Princess’ free update is available now on Steam for PC, Mac, Linux, and Steam Deck for $17.99. To learn more about Slay the Princess, follow Black Tabby Games on X and join the growing community on Discord.