Sports Illustrated set out on a quest to restore the goblin race in its review of Goblin Stone, the award-winning fantasy turned-based RPG roguelite from Orc Chop Games, available now on PC and macOS via Steam.

Visually, Goblin Stone is fantastic. It’s got this hand-drawn, adorable art style that makes it feel like it’s a storybook come to life. Cutscenes, in fact, are literal pages from a book.

Goblin Stone is a wholesome version of Darkest Dungeon, ticking all the same boxes without being a blind copycat – meaningful additions like the breeding system and its narrative ensure that it’s a unique experience that can stand on its own. (…) it’s clearly a labor of much love and craftsmanship that will keep you entertained for many hours.

Read Sports Illustrated full thoughts on the game here. Goblin Stone is available now on PC and macOS via Steam. Follow Orc Chop Games on X (formerly Twitter) and join the Discord server for more updates.