GameSkinny’s Abby Smith attempts to unearth the truth of a hidden civilization in Survival: Fountain of Youth, the single-player survival game set in the 16th Century Caribbean islands by Odinsoft and published by Twin Sails Interactive available now in 1.0 on PC via Steam!

“The concept of a survival game like Survival: Fountain of Youth certainly isn’t new. However, even with so many options, I’m constantly searching for that game that lets me become a true Robinson Crusoe or CastawaySurvival: Fountain of Youth succeeds at that lonely deserted island approach with a fun twist on historical events.”


“Overall, Survival: Fountain of Youth is a survival game that completely engrossed me. I could spend hours tracking down new materials, building a base, or simply exploring the landscapes. Along with the survival aspects, the historical storyline intrigued me and made me curious to learn more about the true events, which I might not have even wondered about beforehand. Minor details, like the movement and combat, needed polishing. Besides those, I fully enjoyed playing it and would recommend it to any survival game enthusiast.”

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