Armed with swords, shurikens, cybernetics, and a bullet-dodging slide, IGN’s Wesley Yin-Poole is ready to slash up the opposition in Ghostrunner 2. Sign-ups to participate in the closed beta test for the first-person cyberpunk-action thriller from global publisher 505 Games and developer One More Level are open now.

And this time, we’re going even faster.

In May, 505 revealed vehicular combat, with Jack getting his very own ninja motorcycle. The new Previously in Ghostrunner video, below, recaps the events of the first game that led to Jack’s escape from Dharma Tower, setting the scene for him to explore the wasteland beyond in the sequel.

“Stronger, faster, more vicious than ever” is an apt description for the sequel to what was already a frenetic break-out hit for Polish developers One More Level. The original Ghostrunner was awarded with Best Polish Game of 2020 and Best Indie Game of the Decade by Digital Dragons, among others, with the sequel heavily anticipated to continue its wall-running, bullet-deflecting, action-packed legacy.

In both games, the robotic Jack the Ghostrunner faces hordes of menaces occupying Dharma Tower, the last human stronghold in the dystopic wastelands left behind by an apocalyptic event called the Burst. Though a single hit can knock Jack out of action, the robot’s Sensory Boost slows down its perception of time, allowing him to slip past attacks and slash right through targets as he progresses towards his eventual goal.

The sequel also introduces vehicular combat for the first time, adding to Jack’s arsenal of fast-paced gameplay. Its announcement trailer shows off Jack’s motorcycle as well as the tried and true grappling hook mechanic, the key to Jack’s escape from the heights of Dharma Tower. For ghostrunners who need a refresher on the story thus far, IGN also has an official story recap to bring all ninjas up to speed.

Ghostrunner 2 comes out soon with an Oct. 26, 2023 release date for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG.

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