CriousGamers (Chilled Chaos) has been having a blast working with and against his buddies in Ultimate Chicken Horsethe party platformer by Clever Endeavour Games where friends build the level as they play.

One of his latest videos showcases some of the new content that was introduced in the Elephantastic Update, including the Jungle Temple level and some spiffy new weapons and costumes, as well as the hilarious and absurd ways in which friends can sabotage one another as they compete to be the first one to the goal.

Whether it’s planting traps in the most inconvenient locations, swooping in on coins before everyone else, or just flat out taunting the other players, Ultimate Chicken Horse provides countless ways for friends to leave each other in the dust on the path to victory. Or, if everyone in the party is feeling good-natured, working together to reach the goal is an option, too.

However you choose to play, make sure to check out Ultimate Chicken Horse on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, available now!