Writing for Screen Rant, Scott Baird awarded Brief Battles, a fast-paced, underwear-fueled platform fighter from Juicy Cupcake that’s easy to approach and rewarding to master, four stars out of five. With a focus on local multiplayer and empowering underwearriors with magical underpants, showdowns in Brief Battles are challenging and rewarding:

Brief Battles is focused on offering couch gaming for up to four players and it features four multiplayer modes at launch . . . It’s in these modes that Brief Battles is at its best as it offers frantic fun for groups of friends. The addition of random superpowers keeps things interesting as players try to slay their friends, while also trying to survive against the harsh environment present in most stages. . . . Brief Battles aims to do one thing, but it does it incredibly well.

Brief Battles is now waging underwearfare on Steam for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Go cheek-to-cheek with friends to decide just whose britches are biggest, and enjoy charming crossover character skins like Yooka-Laylee Violet, CommanderVideo Chad, and Stumpy Kevin. For more on this Clash of Cans, check out the official website and follow Juicy Cupcake on Twitter and Facebook.

Brief Battles Screenshot