The Wrap’s Brian Welk shared the somewhat meta news of Terrible Posture‘s partnership with dj2 Entertainment (Sonic the Hedgehog movie) to adapt 3 Out Of 10, the episodic playable sitcom about life at the world’s worst game development studio, into a very real sitcom for the silver screen.

“3 Out of 10,” a “playable sitcom” that’s part video game and part animated show inspired by the world of game design, is being turned into a digital series from the producers of “Sonic the Hedgehog,” TheWrap has learned exclusively.


Terrible Posture Games, the creator of “3 Out of 10,” is partnering with dj2 Entertainment to adapt the game into an animated, digital series. The series will tell the story of the world’s worst game development studio and its quest to make a game that will earn even a lowly 3 out of 10 score from the gaming press.


To date, “3 Out of 10” has 9 million players/viewers, with the first season also being available through PC, Nintendo Switch and XBox consoles.


dj2 Entertainment is a producer behind Paramount’s “Sonic the Hedgehog” — which became the highest grossing video game movie of all time upon its release last year — and its upcoming sequel. The production house also has an animated “Tomb Raider” series in the works and a series based on the acclaimed “Disco Elysium.

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