Destructoid installs Backfirewall_‘s reveal .exe file from publisher All in! Games and the female-led developer Naraven Games, into its news folder to share a sneak peek of the imaginative world inside an everyday smartphone (Currently, home to an OS battling against the certainty of being updated/deleted). Despite the inner existential crisis, this first-person journey is comedic and will delight in ways only life can, through tongue-in-cheek humor!

Described as a series of “puzzles and gags,” in Backfirewall_ you’ll explore various bits of the OS, including different types of apps, to swipe through the narrative. Apparently there are shades of Toy Story afoot, with the intent of having players ponder the inner workings and feelings of an OS. You’ll become attached to OS9, as the OS10 update arrives: and decide what to do from there.


Creative drector Julia Jean had this to say about the premise: “We want players to feel like they’re playing inside a Pixar movie while also reflecting on the rather mindless way in which we interact with our everyday digital devices. If you think twice before you update your phone after playing Backfirewall_, our job is done!”

Change may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Discover how no matter how different lives can be, all things face the unknown in similar ways. Rage against the machine, cut through the red tape, and rise above everything in the path of unprogress. An adventure filled with puzzles and self-discovery that was always in the palm of our hands. Become the little OS that could (maybe) in this new underdog story made for the modern age of apps, updates, and upgrades inspired by the likes of Toy Story.

Backfirewall_ is scheduled to arrive on PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One later this year. If you want to experience more from the unexpected comedic journey wishlist the game on Steam, visit the official Naraven Games website, and follow @NaravenGames, @Backfirewall, and even one of the main characters @OS9Boss, on Twitter.