GameRant’s Dalton Cooper picks up a sword and shield for his review of Ravenlok, the action-packed fantasy tale from Cococucumber following a young girl transported into a troubled kingdom. Travel through the magic mirror and take up the mantle of Ravenlok, the hero of legend meant to save the land from a tyrannical queen. Encounter curious denizens and fulfill the quests that connect them. Combat hordes of enemies and threatening bosses – bioluminescent fungi and mechanical eagles stand in the way of peace in this picturesque, voxel-art realm.  

“Every inch of the game looks fantastic, from the brightly-lit farmhouse that players start in to the more fantastical world of Wonderland where the bulk of the adventure takes place.”

Ravenlokis filler-free and never loses its momentum. It’s short and sweet, the kind of game that’s perfect to pick up and play through in one sitting to knock out an afternoon.”

Check out the full review here. Ravenlok is out now on Xbox Series X|SXbox One, and Epic Games Store (PC) for USD $24.99, and is available with Xbox Game Pass. In addition to the game’s release, two charming hat pack add-ons are available for purchase: a Curious Medley Hat Pack and an Oddly Satisfying Hat Pack, to satiate your head adornment needs. To learn more about Ravenlok, visit Cococucumber’s official website, and follow the studio through the realms of TikTokTwitter, YouTube, and Instagram.