PC Gamer‘s Jody Macgregor went hands-on with Necrobarista, the 3D visual novel from Melbourne-based indie developer Route 59 Games, at PAX Australia 2017. Describing it as “the very Australian creation of an Australian indie studio,” Macgregor looked to discover how Route 59 has delicately weaved the very culture of the studio members’ real-life environment into the fabric of this coffee toting, ghost greeting, knife-playing indie title.

“A really important part of the game is setting it in a real, grounded location. It’s not just Australia, it’s Melbourne. It’s not just Melbourne, it’s Carlton. It’s not just Carlton, it’s this specific street in Carlton,” said Chen. “Kind of like 221B Baker Street from Sherlock Holmes, it’s not a real place but it’s a real place.””

Route 59 Games plans to release Necrobarista on PC and Switch in late 2018.

You can read more about Necrobarista at PC Gamer.