Rock Paper Shotgun’s Colm Ahern compiled his most anticipated games releasing on PC this February and included Batterystaple Games’ Megaroguelike action platformer 30XX in the lineup.

The sequel to Batterystaple Games’ Mega Man-inspired, run-and-gun roguelike is even more like Capcom’s creation now, as they’ve ditched the cartoony style of its predecessor for a pixelated look. Aside from that, the developer has also introduced a new mode that should make the game more attractive to those who aren’t keen on losing all their progress when they die. Mega mode – shameless, but I quite like it – will generate a new set of levels each time you begin a run. But, when you lose all your health in this mode, you’re sent back to a central hub that allows you to tackle a different stage, with any upgrades you’ve obtained intact. If you want even more control over your playthrough, why not create a custom campaign using the game’s level editor? Guaranteed wins every time.

For more information about the developer check out the official Batterystaple Games website and follow @batterystaple_g on Twitter. For more information about the game check out the 30XX Steam page and join the 20XX series Discord.