Axel García at 3DJuegos prepared to fight giants, shining a light on the Steam Next fest demo for Aztech Forgotten Gods, the Latinx-Futurism cyberstone colossus fighter from award-winning Mulaka developer Lienzo launching Q1 2022. 

Aztech tasks Achtli with facing towering titans with her mystical stone gauntlet. Explore the flourishing city of Tenochtitlàn in an alternate timeline where Spanish colonization never occurred. Battle bosses, upgrade Achtli’s gauntlet, and uncover a vast conspiracy.

The Aztech Forgotten Gods demo will be available on Steam from October 1 to 7, and in it we will face Coatlicue, the Mother of Everything. We will also explore a city with many hidden secrets, and even enjoy a short snippet of the history of the title.

Check out the trailer below:

Check out 3DJuegos’ full article here. For more information on Aztech Forgotten Gods, please visit Lienzo’s official website and follow @LienzoMX on Twitter.