Gamepur’s Dale Jakes embarks on a grand adventure through the world of Coromon and returns with a glowing 9/10 review. The modern monster-taming RPG from developer TRAGsoft and publisher Freedom Games is available now on PC and Mac via Steam with a Nintendo Switch launch visible just over the horizon later this year.

I will admit I came into my Coromon experience a bit skeptical. I was ready to pick it apart for relying too much on my assumed prior knowledge of Pokémon games. Maybe it wasn’t going to be able to capture the magic of falling in love with the perfect Pocket Monster. Time and again I was proven wrong.

Coromon gives me faith in the world of not-Pokémon games that I, frankly, didn’t think I would ever have. It’s a game capable of totally distinguishing itself, despite nearly thirty years of tradition in this niche genre. It speaks to the passion and keen eye for design that the folks at TRAGsoft had, and the time they poured into this game for the last five years has certainly paid off.

Check out Gamepur’s full review here. For more information about Coromon, visit the official website and follow @CoromonTheGame and @FreedomGamesGG on Twitter.