Pocket Gamer’s Catherine Ng Dellosa steps up to the mic with Be Funny Now, the competitive party game created by YouTube star Jacksfilms with more than 4.7m YouTube subscribers and developed by Galvanic Games, available now on Android, iOS, and PC via Steam.

“Featuring cross-platform multiplayer play, Be Funny Now! lets players ‘outfunny’ their friends across an interactive 8-player game.”

Players with the best comedic chops will be rewarded with emojis and roses, while those with not-so-perfect comedic timing will likely receive undesirable tomatoes from the audience.”

Check out Pocket Gamer’s full article here. For more information on Be Funny Now, please visit the game’s Steam page, follow @galvanicgames on Twitter, and search #BeFunnyNow on social media.