Game Skinny’s Jonathan Moore experiences peace and serenity in Retreat To Enen, the tranquil survival game from developer Head West and publisher Freedom Games. The world as humans know it has fallen, years of war, socioeconomic calamity, and disastrous climate changes have pushed humans to the edge of extinction. However, as time passed, in the wake of a total meltdown, the earth is reborn once again. Nature flourishes with lushes greens and wild life returns to its original state. Journey to Eden as a right of passage, learn not only how to survive with the world but also to thrive and become one with the land.

Retreat to Enen, the survival game built around meditation and caring for the world around us. While the list of recipes and blueprints isn’t as extensive as some other games in the genre, there’s still plenty to make your life in Enen‘s three biomes more comfortable. And that means plenty of materials to gather. 

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