Gamespot’s Grace Benfell highlighted the new trailer for Mail Time, an adorable cottagecore collect-a-thon platforming adventure from solo developer Kela Van Der Deijl and publisher Freedom Games. A new trailer featured cute animations and gameplay of a new area, an abandoned picnic. Additionally, the game was revealed during the Wholesome Snack stream to launch on PlayStation 4|5 alongside the previously announced Steam and Nintendo Switch versions in April 2023.

In Mail Time, you play as a little mushroom-wearing mail carrier, delivering packages and letters to the sleepy towns and homes of a forest world called Grumblewood Grove. You can leap from branches, use envelopes to glide, and jump on mushrooms to reach unseen heights. The forest is populated by various critters, including a capybara hiding in a barrel, a scheming crime-doing rat, and a peckish hamster.

A mushroom wearing character speaks to a turtle in a forest with the text saying hello I've got a delivery for you!!!

Meet lots of quirky forest creatures in Mail Time!

Mail Time is from 23-year-old solo developer Kela Van Der Deijl. Mail Time pulls from the platformers of the Nintendo 64 area like Mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie. It offers large levels with a multitude of tasks to do and items to collect, albeit with a hand-drawn aesthetic and a eye towards a cozy lived-in atmosphere.

A small mushroom hat wearing mail carrier explores a forest floor from the perspective of a smaller creature with flowers towering above

Read the full Gamespot article here. More information about Mail Time can be found on the official website or by following developer @KelaMakesGames or publisher @FreedomGamesGG on Twitter.

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