GamesRadar+’s Feature Editor Joe Donnelly gets ready to defend the life of a shipwrecked explorer stranded on an island in Survival: Fountain of Youth, the single-player survival game set in the 16th-century Caribbean islands from developer Odinsoft and publisher Twin Sails Interactive, now available in Early Access starting today! Don’t mind those remnants of a lost ancient civilization in the distance — this island is certainly not cursed in any way, shape or form, nope, not even a little bit, no Fountain of Youth to see here — that could never…okay, okay, there’s a curse!

Despite its otherwise idyllic setting, Survival: Fountain of Youth will also pit us against terrifying weather conditions, poisonous plants, infectious diseases, crippling injuries, hunger and third and exhaustion and… well, you get the picture. Survival, then, is hinged on hunting, fighting, exploring, gathering resources, researching new technologies, crafting, cooking, and even reading as you learn and understand your surroundings and the history that underpins them.

Once you’ve mastered that – or, at least, not died immediately – you’ll build actual sea vessels with your bare hands. Aboard “primitive rafts to amazing ships”, so says the game’s Steam page, you’ll uncover the mysteries of the world around you, across over 20 different islands with different weather conditions, climates and resources to be plundered.

Can you survive long enough to find your lost crew? And can your crew even live long enough for you to find them? Explore, scavenge, and craft your way around the islands’ environmental hazards long enough to uncover the Fountain of Youth, and survive the dangerous voyage to tell the tall tale of a shipwrecked explorer who found real treasure.

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