RockPaperShotgun’s Kaan Serin is ready to wave his traffic baton in Mini Motorways, the award-winning minimalist strategy traffic management sim with more than four million players from developer Dinosaur Polo Club. A new crossover update with Mini Metro is coming up on July 24th to celebrate its tenth birthday.

Last month, the community cast their nominations from 30 iconic Mini Metro maps they’d most love to see cross over into Mini Motorways. In addition to these new urban playgrounds, Mini Motorways will also embrace a highly-requested feature in its three new maps: trains. Dinosaur Polo Club celebrates its 10-year anniversary since first diving into the wondrous world of Mini during a Ludum Dare Game Jam, where Mini Metro was created in its first iteration back in 2013. The recent community vote offered an opportunity to reflect on the last decade of work alongside such passionate players.

Later this summer, those colourful lines will become slightly blurred, as a fan vote decided that Mini Metro’s New York City map would arrive in Mini Motorways. The bustling roads of London and Mumbai will also make their way over as part of the summer update – both cities are prone to traffic jams and anxiety-inducing roundabouts, so they should make for fun and/or stressful planning sessions.

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