Destructoid’s Zoey Handley puts on a spacesuit and ventures into Jumplight Odyssey. The roguelite colony sim inspired by genre staples and classic 70s sci-fi anime from Armello developer League of Geeks is now available to check out on PC via Steam Early Access!

Jumplight Odyssey bases itself on ‘80s sci-fi anime and does it with such incredible pizzazz and with such elegant depth that I’m absolutely stunned by the result.

It feels like a missing Macross game, a title that bases itself not around the war going on but on the survivors aboard the SDF-1 as they cling to hope in the direst of circumstances. It is an exciting development by the team behind Armello.

Jumplight Odyssey takes players on a unique starship adventure starring Princess Euphora, captain of the SDF Catalina. Players can navigate across star systems, as they try to escape from Admiral Voltan and the dangerous Zutopans, in search of the fabled Forever Star—a mythical new home far across the galaxy.

Jumplight Odyssey’s Early Access offers a first glimpse into this ambitious colony sim, kickstarting Princess Euphora’s epic escape across the galaxy. Manage resources, define your leadership style, and make critical decisions as captain in order to keep Hope alive aboard the SDF Catalina. Players can customize and upgrade the various decks of the Catalina, experimenting with different layouts in a mode of navigation brand new to the genre and inspired by the Incredible Cross Sections series of books.

Early Access also offers players the ability to create their own Odysseys, allowing fearless captains to run playthroughs time and time again, defining core aspects such as playstyle starting resources, ship state, crew, and length. Players can even define their playstyle, including a Chill mode, Jumplight Odyssey’s cozy game experience, where the Zutopan Armada will never pursue you, or Hectic, where their pursuit is relentless and ruthless.

Take a look at Destructoid’s full preview here. Keep an eye out for all things Jumplight Odyssey by checking out League of Geeks’ official website and following Jumplight Odyssey on Twitter.