The essence of retro-styled platformers is here to stay as highlighted by Liv Ngan of GamesRadar+ for the v1.0 release of 30XX, the sequel to Batterystaple Games’ mega-roguelite platformer 20XX which has been enjoyed by 4 million users. Metroidvania lovers can play the game right now on Steam and Nintendo Switch!

“Roguelike platformer 30XX finally had its 1.0 release earlier this week, after two and a half years in early access, and it’s one of the best Mega Man experiences you can play that isn’t actually from Capcom’s iconic series. It [30XX] retains the twist which 20XX added to the Mega Man formula – procedurally generated levels and permadeath, with upgrades that carry over onto your next run. However, 30XX has a new mode if you’d like a more classic Mega Man experience, with no permadeath and a fixed map.”

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