Gamer Escape’s Grant Dotter heads to the labyrinthian underbelly of Muneshine Tavern for their preview of the Steam Next Fest demo of Brews & Bastards, the co-op dungeon crawler with magical brews and drunken demons from developer Mune Studio. The game will stumble out of the bars and onto PC via Steam Spring 2024.

“We had the chance to have a quick look at Brews & Bastards, a slightly tipsy twin-stick take on the classic co-op arcade beat/shoot-em-up formula popularized in the 80s and 90s by the likes of games such as the Gauntlet franchise and Smash T.V. So grab your beer and gamepads and gather up on the couch.”

“If you’ve got a co-op game itch that needs scratching, then keep an eye out for this game at Steam’s Next Fest, as there is a lot of potential with Brews & Bastards.”

Check out Gamer Escape’s full article here. For more information on Brews & Bastards, visit the game’s Steam page, follow @BrewsNBastards and @MuneStudio on social media, and head to the official tavern on Discord!