Kotaku’s David Smith jams out to electronic melodies in Spin Rhythm XD, “the greatest rhythm game you’ve probably never played.” Developer Super Spin Digital will bring the action-packed intergalactic rhythm game to PlayStation 5, PSVR 2, and Steam VR alongside a groovy new DLC on Tuesday, July 9, 2024.

“Spin Rhythm XD works very simply: notes tumble down a familiar rhythm game lane, and you swivel a central tumbler to catch them as they fall. Some of the notes require you to spin and catch the tumbler on beat. Straight lines are a tap on the space bar (in the PC version). It feels good to play, as any great rhythm game should, scratching your brain in just the right way and letting you feel closer to the tune you’re playing.

“It’s great and, if you’ve found yourself a bit disillusioned by Fortnite Festival‘s “We have Rock Band at home” approach to rhythm gaming, it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Spin Rhythm XD gets the party started on PlayStation 5, PSVR 2, and Steam VR on July 9, 2024. Check out Kotaku’s full article here. For more information, visit the official game website, check out the Discord, and follow @SpinRhythmGame on X to stay updated.