Destructoid’s Zoey Handley picked up the trail that led to a new game from developer The Wild Gentlemen and publisher Joystick Ventures, W.I.L.D. Tactics, the turn-based strategy game set in the World of Wilderness popularized by Chicken Police. The game was revealed as a part of the Guerilla Collective livestream.

What draws me to these games is the obvious passion behind their world-building. It doesn’t necessarily matter what form the games take, but that storytelling is just delectable. I’d make a finger-lickin’ reference there, but I’ve done that enough in other articles.

 It’s a turn-based strategy game made in the vein of XCOM but with the series’ noir stylings and anthropomorphic characters. It promises 15 story-focused missions that range from stealth to all-out assault, and 12 characters to carry them out.

Read the full article from Destructoid here. For more information on W.I.L.D. Tactics, stay tuned to the official website for The Wild Gentlemen. For more incredible titles, through the Joystick Ventures Steam page.