Bloody Disgusting’s Mike Wilson points a camera and calls action on Deep Cuts, a cinematic horror VR rescue mission from Happy’s Humble Burger Farm developer Scythe Dev Team and publisher tinyBuild, arriving on Meta Quest in 2024, SteamVR and PSVR2 in 2025. Embark on a horror adventure, moving from movie set to movie set taking down villainous cartoon characters known as The Learning Lads with dynamic melee and firearms combat.

“Deep Cuts centres around filmmaker Elise Weber and best friend/creative partner Malcolm Micheaux, who are enjoying an illustrious career until their villainous cartoon creations went mad. As Elise, players will explore the Lights Camera Faction studio premises in hopes of saving Malcolm, exploring a series of blockbuster worlds based on the duo’s extensive film catalog. Luckily, for Elise, she will have Bowie, the only sane cartoon character left, along for the ride.”

“Solve intricate puzzles with the help of time manipulation abilities, and embrace the power of an ultimate Film Director.”

To read the full article, visit Bloody Disgusting here. To learn more about Deep Cuts, visit Scythe Dev Team and tinyBuild on X/Twitter, and check out Scythe Dev Team‘s and tinyBuild‘s official websites for more information and future updates.