Nintendo Everything‘s Brian Richards covers the release window for Shroom Siege, the team-based arcade action platformer from developer Upside Down Bird coming to Nintendo Switch in 2025. The 4v4 fungal fighter pits spore-spreading samurai against each other in a mushroomy mashup to claim dominance, and not just against each other. Mushrooms alone might not pack much of a punch, but their ability to possess and take over razor-clawed Mantises, mighty Dung Beetles, and more turns a moldy mess into a strategic contest for cordycepic control.

Strive for victory in three ways: Shrine, Shogun, and…Poop?! Master multiple mounts to outwit opposing fungi, such as the merciless Mantis, equipped with razor-sharp claws to cut down the competition. Win three of the following Victories to emerge triumphant:


Shrine Victory: Command Minions to collect enough small orbs to offer as sufficient tribute to surrounding shrines. Watch for danger and move quick! Minions respawn indefinitely, so going for the Shrine means playing it safe.


Shogun Victory: Eliminate the opposing Shogun three times. Control the mighty flying Shogun and cut down any adversary lower than them with its samurai sword. High-risk, high-reward: fatal missteps bring the other team closer to their own Shogun Victory!


Poop Victory: Force foes to smell the stench of defeat by mounting a Dung Beetle to slooowly roll a poopy payload to the opposite side of the map. Winners often report this as the most satisfying way to win. Losers often claim it’s the most humiliating.

While it’s the way of the mushroom to lurk and grow ‘neath the soil until the time is right to fruit and spread, there’s no need to molder until its full 2025 release to get down and dirty. If you can’t wait, a Shroom Siege demo will premire on Steam on August 6, 2024 .

To read the full article, visit Nintendo Everything here. To learn more about Shroom Siege, visit Upside Down Bird’s website, follow its social media, or join its Discord.