Kotaku runs, jumps, and falls in love in Kitsune Tailsa platformer inspired by the classics and steeped in Japanese mythology, developed by Kitsune Games and published by Midboss. Yuzu, a young Kitsune, embarks on a hero’s journey while serving the goddess Inari. Along the way, she finds herself at the center of both the conflict between humans and Kitsune, and a sapphic love triangle.

“I enjoyed its quick platforming and the power-ups it offered. The visuals of Kitsune Tails also help its cause, as it boasts gorgeous pixel art with a pastel palette focusing on pops of pink and purple. The game changes seasons as you progress through levels, too, a feature that helps show off its wide range of beautiful art.”

“This very gay drama is the emotional and narrative core of Kitsune Tails. It’s a cute story to watch unfold and the promise of seeing a new cutscene gave me motivation to beat every level I could.”

Read Willa Rowe’s full review here. For more information on Kitsune Tails, visit its webpage, follow Kitsune Games on X/Twitter, and try the demo on Steam. Yuzu’s journey begins on PC and consoles on August 1.