Game Informer’s Wesley LeBlanc looks forward to a relaxting stay at Hotel Galactic, a cozy management sim from developer and publisher Ancient Forge, launching on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

“Developer-publisher Ancient Forge has revealed Hotel Galactic, a sci-fi hotel management sim with Studio Ghibli-inspired visuals, and it’s coming to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC. Revealed during today’s PC Gaming Show, Ancient Forge is launching a Kickstarter for Hotel Galactic next month on July 9 that will run through the end of the month.”

‘The company says that with each milestone achieved, it promises to deliver new content, such as unannounced in-game mechanics, new VIP guests, and more.” 

Read Game Informer’s full news article here. For more information about Hotel Galactic,  check out its Kickstarter page, and be sure to follow Hotel Galactic and developer-publisher Ancient Forge on social media.