Slant Magazine has just released its “The 25 Best Video Games of 2020” and Signs of the Sojourner, the introspective narrative from Echodog Games about learning the art of human connection through an emotive deck of cards, made the popular list as “a whimsical life simulator, which, in just a few hours, powerfully demonstrates the importance of empathy”:

Through its colorful worldbuilding, cartoonish designs, compelling characters, and catchy soundtrack, it gets you invested in the potential friendships your trader protagonist can strike up while on the road.

To read the full list 2020’s best video games, visit Slant Magazine’s site. To learn more about Signs of Sojourner, visit Echodog Games’ official website and follow @Echodog_Games on Twitter. Signs of the Sojourner is available now for PC and Mac via Steam and GOG.