Chris Moyse included Bright Memory Infinite from solo developer FYQD Studio and publisher PLAYISM in Destructoid’s list of Most Anticipated Games Of 2021 among other exciting titles.

Bright Memory: Infinite, afforded the resources of a souped-up PC, a next-gen console, and a higher budget, could prove a real sleeper hit – the kind of release that no-one spreads a murmur about, then turns heads en masse come launch day. Almost entirely the work of a single designer, artist, and coder, Bright Memory: Infinite -at the very least – is sure to inspire a generation of indie developers on what is capable with our sparkling new technology.

For more information about Bright Memory Infinite‘s single developer, please follow @FYQD_Studio on Twitter. For more information about the publisher, please visit the official PLAYISM website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.