TheGamer’s Ryan Thomas Bamsey sinks his teeth into the review of Salt and Sacrifice, the next installment in the million-plus selling soulslike platformer Salt and Sanctuary series, from developer Ska Studios and publisher Devoured Studios available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC for Epic Game Store.

Salt and Sacrifice is a game that will dig its claws into you and not let go. You’ll tell yourself, “I’ll just kill one more mage, then I’ll go to bed,” and three hours later, you find yourself atop a mountain of pyromancer corpses with a shiny new set of armour to show for it. And you’ll do it all over again.

That said, beelining right to the end of the game would be doing the game a disservice, not least because the combat is the true highlight of the experience. There are plenty of weapons to try out and techniques to master, and finding your flow with a powerful weapon feels incredibly satisfying and natural – the game has a natural difficulty curve that makes you feel proud of your accomplishments and development.

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