Greg Burke of Shacknews shared gruesome details in an interview with the team behind Zombie Cure Labthe zombie treatment lab builder from the AAA sim vets at publisher Aerosoft and fun-loving problem solving developers at Thera Bytes. Community Manager Rebekka Wingert and Creative Director Jenz Bolanz discuss the inspiration behind Zombie Cure Lab’s distinct approach to the zombie genre.

The real hook here is obviously in the finding a cure for the zombies. These monsters will start out as foes and eventually become sort of allies as players capture and study them…The team had started on a science game with an educational focus only to find a desire to create an entertainment product. Bolanz thought, “Can we still connect the setting of science and entertainment? And then, ‘Ah, Zombies!’” Zombies seem to be the perfect crossover between science and entertainment.

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Check out Shacknews’ full article here. Zombie Cure Lab will enter Steam Early Access on PC later this year. For more information, check out Zombie Cure Lab’s Steam page, follow @ZombieCureLab on Twitter and search #zombiecurelab on social media.