Zoey Handley of Destructoid is ready to throw hands and other more questionable body parts in Bare Butt Boxing, the comically chaotic multiplayer brawler from AAA visual effects studio Tuatara Games.

With a colorful and comedic cast of alien combatants, the Steam Early Access title has friends duking it out to send each other’s behinds flying into portals and out of the ring, all in a style in sharp contrast to the studio’s previous works, particularly pixel shooter Let Them ComeBare Butt Boxing’s bouncing, springing bloodless mayhem is – yes, butts and all – more akin to family-friendly fun.

As Zoey attests:

Bare Butt Boxing comes to us from the esteemed developers of 2017’s Let Them Come. Needless to say, their follow-up goes in quite a different direction by presenting an alien’s take on the gentleman’s sport. It looks like some quick fun that might be a good time if you break it out at a family event. If you’re like me, and everyone in the neighborhood has a restraining order against you, there’s online play. That way, you can go fist-to-fist against strangers who don’t know about your sordid past.

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