Ben Sledge of TheGamer takes a soothing rest at a cozy monastery tavern with Ale Abbey, the serene brewery tycoon from developer Hammer & Ravens, published by Shiro Unlimited. Announced at the tenth annual PC Gaming Show, Ale Abbey is a base building management game that takes place in the Middle Ages during a time when monks and nuns also contributed to culture and their communities through brewing. Sledge spoke with the game’s director, Emiliano Pastorelli.

Ale Abbey is the product of a passion for beer and making games, culminating in a title that reflects much of Pastorelli’s life. The project’s concept really took off following a trip to northern France. Sledge relayed this story in the article, ““I discovered Belgian beer there,” he explains to me over a Discord call. “And that was a moment of epiphany.” This led to Pastorelli learning to brew their own beers, resulting in a collection of recipes carefully crafted to maximize flavors.

Read TheGamer’s full interview with Emiliano Pastorelli here. Ale Abbey is slated for release later this year on Steam. To stay up to date with the latest, check out the official Hammer & Ravens website. For more games such as the critically acclaimed Wartales or the timeless strategy title Northgard, follow the Shiro Games and the Shiro Unlimited websites.